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How to Publish a Live Video on Facebook

Driven by the recent rise of Facebook users using mobile devices, Facebook has come up with a new form of communication that they call Live Video- a way to share content not only through words but through live video to all your friends, friends of friends, and sometimes the entire Facebook-using public. If you want to send a message or share your thoughts with tons of people at once, streaming video might be the way to do it.


  1. Ensure that you have a smart mobile device (phone or tablet) that can shoot videos. This feature is available with devices that have at least one camera, including Android devices and iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads [1]. Windows 10 users of the Facebook app who have a webcam, it's here too.
  2. Give your device complete rights to access your device's Camera. This process will depend on the device.
    Post a Live Video on Facebook Step 2.png
    • For most iOS devices, you'll need to go through the Settings app and open the Privacy item; then select Camera and swipe the button next to Facebook so it changes to green.
    • Android devices take on a different angle when you try to modify your settings to give it access to the Camera, depending on the hardware and chip you're running. If you're prompted, just make sure you give permissions to Facebook to access your camera.
    • Windows 10 users: Don't worry. There are no options you need to set for enabling your webcam rights. It'll work right out of the box, assuming the camera is working.
  3. Open up the Facebook app. This will not work from the mobile website. You will need to open up the official Facebook app to produce a streaming video.
    Post a Live Video on Facebook Step 3.png
  4. Begin a new Live Video session. How you do this will depend on your device. The phone app has an easy one-click button just above the "What's on your mind?" status area. For tablets such as either iPads or Android devices, begin a new status message, but instead of typing out the text, tap the "Live Video" button that is available below the sharing status box. On Windows 10 with the official Facebook app, this button will be found as the center button underneath the "What's on your mind?" button.
    Post a Live Video on Facebook Step 4.png
  5. Choose your audience level from the device. Below your name, you'll see a box that says either "Public", "Friends", "Friends except" or "Only Me" drop-down box; you'll need to select this followed by the level you want to broadcast out to to ensure you are reaching the right audience. Tap the Done button to finish selecting your audience participation level for this Live Video.
    Post a Live Video on Facebook Step 5.png
    • Recognize that the only way you'll make the map on the Live Video tool on the Facebook website is by clicking "Public". Otherwise, your video won't be featured on the map, but the videos will publish to your Facebook Timeline and the audience you selected.
  6. Describe your live video. Tap on the box that, by default, says "Describe your live video..." Provide a summary or caption that might attract readers or get them interested in your video.
    Post a Live Video on Facebook Step 6.png
  7. Tap the two-arrow icon in the top right of the screen to switch from one camera to the other (if your device has a backward and forwards-facing camera). You can switch between cameras at any time during the recording. Windows 10 app users with a front-facing webcam only will not receive this button due to the devices inability to switch between the front and non-existent second backwards-facing camera (sorry).
    Post a Live Video on Facebook Step 7.png
  8. Press the "Go Live" button to begin recording the session.
    Post a Live Video on Facebook Step 8.png
  9. Wait for the app to countdown the recording time. It will give you a three second countdown. There will be big numbers that are white in the center of the screen as it counts down and you'll hear a "ding" when it begins recording. All other buttons will disappear seconds after you press the "Go Live" button when these numbers magically appear and fade.
    Post a Live Video on Facebook Step 9.png
  10. Record your video session. Be creative and engaging; it's your personal opinion or video session, so do what you originally set out to do! There is a red counter that will count up which is positioned near the top center of the screen.The word LIVE just means that the video is currently recording.
    Post a Live Video on Facebook Step 10.png
  11. Tap the "Finish" button when you are done.You'll find this button sitting in the bottom right corner of the screen. It has a white border around the word Finish.
    Post a Live Video on Facebook Step 11.png
  12. Press the "Post" button, if you are ready to publish it on your Facebook Timeline. Otherwise, you can change your audience level here again, if you only want a certain group of people watching the recorded event.
    Post a Live Video on Facebook Step 12.png
  13. Tap the "OK" button. The Facebook app will display a dialog box that says the video is finished uploading and will be updated shortly with the HD quality video. Confirm this, and you're all set.
    Post a Live Video on Facebook Step 13.png


  • Avoid recording video where the camera is focused on a TV or displays copyrighted content.
  • Be careful broadcasting live video of someone doing anything illegal.

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