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How to Hang a Silk Poster

You can easily hang your silk poster using either poster hangers or a picture frame. Poster hangers are strips of plastic used to hang up fabric posters. These work great for long or very large posters. You can also mount your silk poster to a cardboard backing and place it inside a frame. Either way, you can easily secure your silk poster and hang it on the wall.


EditUsing a Poster Hanger

  1. Measure the width of your silk and buy poster frames to fit your poster. Grab a ruler, and place it next the top edge of your poster to find its width. Then, purchase a poster hanger that is the same size or longer than your silk poster.
    Hang a Silk Poster Step 1.jpg
    • Poster hangers are designed to be slightly longer than the size of your poster.
    • You can purchase a poster hanger with either a string to hang from the wall or a clip to slide into the back of your top hanger.
    • Most home supply stores have poster hangers, and you can also find them online.
  2. Slide the top edge of your silk poster into the top hanger. The poster hanger has a thin slit down the middle used to hold your poster in place. To insert your poster, simply hold the corners of the fabric in your hands, and push it into the slit. Once inside, slide your poster into place by its sides. If you have a hanger with a clip, find the slot on the back of the hanger and slide the clip into the center.[1]
    Hang a Silk Poster Step 2.jpg
    • Stop sliding your poster when you reach the edge of the top hanger.
  3. Ensure your poster lays flat inside the hanger and replace the end caps. If there are any wrinkles or creases in your silk poster, slide it to the left until all folds are straightened out. Place the end caps on either side of your poster to hold it in place.
    Hang a Silk Poster Step 3.jpg
    • Your silk poster will easily fit inside the poster hanger. You may need to adjust it a bit, however.
  4. Insert the bottom edge of your silk poster into the other poster hanger. Just like you attached the top hanger, slide the remaining hanger into place at the bottom edge of your poster.[2]
    Hang a Silk Poster Step 4.jpg
    • If you are having difficulty, ask a friend to hold your poster by the top hanger. That way your poster won’t move around as much.
  5. Hammer a nail into your wall and hang up your poster. Using a hammer, secure a nail into place for a permanent hanging method. Hold the nail to the wall at a slight angle, and pound the nail 2-5 times until it is secure in the wall. Your hangers will either come with an attached string, or you can hang the poster by the clip on the top hanger.
    Hang a Silk Poster Step 5.jpg
    • If your silk poster is very long, hammer your nail towards the top of your wall.
    • For smaller silk posters, place them about ⅔ of the way up your wall, so they hang a bit above eye level.
  6. Use Command Strips to secure your hanger without using nails. Purchase Command Poster Hanging Strips at a craft or home supply store. Peel away the backing sheet, and stick 1 to the center of your hanger or 2 from either corner.[3]
    Hang a Silk Poster Step 6.jpg
    • If you’d like to add a bit more security, you can also stick Command Strips to the bottom hanger as well.

EditFraming Your Silk Poster

  1. Grab a ruler and measure your silk to get a frame in the correct size. Lay your silk poster flat on a clean table, and measure its length and width using a ruler. Then, use a frame in the appropriate size to house your silk poster. You can purchase a frame in stores, or salvage 1 from a thrift store.[4]
    Hang a Silk Poster Step 7.jpg
    • You can get a frame in a fun color to match your poster, if you’d like.
    • If your silk poster has any wrinkles or creases, you can iron it on the lowest heat setting to remove the folds.
  2. Disassemble your frame and set the cardboard insert to the side. Move the hinges out of the way, and take the cardboard out of your frame. You can slide the hinges away using your fingers. If you are having trouble, use a screwdriver to help.[5]
    Hang a Silk Poster Step 8.jpg
    • Your frame should come with a piece of cardboard in between the glass and the backing. If not, it will have a piece of cardboard as its backing.
  3. Lay your silk face down on a flat surface and sit the cardboard on top. Place your silk poster down so you are looking at the back of it. Then, place the cardboard on top of the silk in the middle.[6]
    Hang a Silk Poster Step 9.jpg
    • Ideally, your silk poster will stick out about on each side of the cardboard.
  4. Fold your poster over the cardboard and secure it with painters tape. You can lay the edges of your poster over your cardboard. Then, rip a few small pieces of painter’s tape and stick them to all 4 outer edges of your silk poster.[7]
    Hang a Silk Poster Step 10.jpg
    • This will hold your silk poster in place as you secure it to the backing.
  5. Reinforce your hold by adding pieces of tape around the perimeter. After you have secured your corners, rip additional pieces of tape long, and stick them to the edges of your silk poster.[8]
    Hang a Silk Poster Step 11.jpg
    • As you secure 1 side of the silk, keep the other side taught so it stretches flat across the cardboard.
  6. Reassemble your frame when your silk is secure. Once your silk poster is attached to your cardboard backing, place it back inside the frame so the poster side faces the glass. Then, re-hinge the frame using your hands or a screwdriver.[9]
    Hang a Silk Poster Step 12.jpg
  7. Hang your frame from a nail to hang your poster permanently. Position your nails on your wall about ⅔ of the way towards your ceiling. If you are hanging long posters, you may want to raise your nails to the top of your wall. Then, hammer your nail into place.
    Hang a Silk Poster Step 13.jpg
    • For a more secure hold, hammer in another nail about away from your first nail.
  8. Use a Command Hook for a damage-free way to hang your silk poster. Purchase large Command Damage-Free hanging hooks from most major retail locations. The Command Strip adhesives have 2 backing strips, 1 for the hook and 1 for your wall. To install them, peel away the backing for the hook, and stick it in the middle. Then, remove the backing from the wall side, press your hook to the wall, and place your picture frame on the hook.[10]
    Hang a Silk Poster Step 14.jpg
    • You can smooth your hand over the hook and hold it for 30 seconds, if you’d like.
    • The sides of the adhesive are marked accordingly.

EditThings You’ll Need

EditUsing a Poster Hanger

  • Poster hanger
  • Silk poster
  • Command Strips
  • Nail and string

EditFraming Your Silk Poster

  • Frame
  • Silk poster
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Command Hooks

EditSources and Citations

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