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How to Heat an Eyelash Curler

If a simple eyelash curler is not cutting it for your makeup routine and desired look, a heated curler can help you achieve a dramatic and long-lasting curl. Optimally, you'll curl your lashes when you are finished with all your eye makeup except mascara and any false lashes you may want. Whether you prefer using a regular eyelash curler or using an electric or battery-operated curler, heating these tools is easy and can help produce awesome results!


EditHeating a Traditional Metal Curler

  1. Clean your curler using soap and water. Rub makeup cleanser or soap for sensitive skin on the pad and metal area of the curler with a cotton pad or sponge. Make sure there is no leftover makeup on the pad or metal parts of the curler. Rinse all of the soap and residue off with water.[1]
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    • If your curler has makeup residue on the pad before you curl the lashes, the residue can create clumps of mascara and leave you with a less-than-ideal curl.
  2. Use a hair dryer to heat up the curler. Hold the end of the curler near the hot air for 10 - 20 seconds. Use a dryer with a concentrator nozzle and keep it pointed toward the clamp. Let curler cool down to a warm temperature so that it does not hurt to touch the metal parts.[2]
    Heat an Eyelash Curler Step 2 Version 2.jpg
    • Be careful when touching the metal parts of the curler. These parts absorb the most heat and can burn your skin.
  3. Put the curler under hot water if you don't have a dryer. Run the eyelash curler under hot water for 10 - 20 seconds. Let it cool down to a warm and touchable temperature.[3]
    Heat an Eyelash Curler Step 3 Version 2.jpg
  4. Test the heat of the curler on the back of your hand. Make sure you can hold it there for at least 3 - 5 seconds without it burning. If it does burn, allow it to cool for 10 - 20 seconds before testing again.
    Heat an Eyelash Curler Step 4 Version 2.jpg
    • If the curler is too hot for skin, it's too hot for your lashes. Putting a curler on lashes is too hot can damage and even remove them.
  5. Curl your lashes. Gently clamp the warm curler 2-3 times on each set of lashes. Start near the lashline or band and work outward toward the tips of the lashes. This helps give a more natural look.
    Heat an Eyelash Curler Step 5 Version 2.jpg
    • After your lashes are curled, use mascara to add depth and length.

EditUsing a Heated Curler

  1. Clean the heated curler using rubbing alcohol. Making sure the curler is not turned on, put rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab and rub the area of the wand that touches your lashes until there is no residue.[4]
    Heat an Eyelash Curler Step 6 Version 2.jpg
    • Do not use water and soap on electric curlers. Running a heated curler (battery operated or electric) underwater can damage the circuitry and ruin the curler.
  2. Prepare the curler with necessary attachments or accessories. If it is battery operated, look inside the cartridge to determine what kind of batteries it requires. If it's an electric curler, plug it into a nearby outlet.
    Heat an Eyelash Curler Step 7 Version 2.jpg
    • Most battery operated curlers use AAA batteries.
  3. Follow the curler’s instructions for how to turn it on. Some curlers require you to hold down an “On” button until it reaches the heat you desire. Other curlers simply have an “On” switch you can press and do not have to continue holding down.[5]
    Heat an Eyelash Curler Step 8.jpg
  4. Wait for the wand to cool down to a warm temperature. Before using the curler, hold it against the skin on the back of your hand. If it is uncomfortable to leave against your skin, it is too hot to use on your lashes. Wait for 10 - 20 seconds and test again.
    Heat an Eyelash Curler Step 9.jpg
  5. Use the curler on your lashes. Gently clamp the heated curler on the lashes 2-3 times. Work from the lashline or lash band toward the tip of the lashes. Follow the curl with mascara for more length and definition.
    Heat an Eyelash Curler Step 10.jpg


  • Test your eyelash curler against your skin before placing on your lashes.
  • Do not leave a heated eyelash curler unattended.

EditThings You'll Need

EditHeating a Traditional Metal Curler

  • Mechanical eyelash curler
  • Makeup cleanser
  • Cotton pad
  • Water
  • Hairdryer, optional

EditUsing a Heated Curler

  • Heated eyelash curler (battery operated or electric)
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton swab
  • Batteries (battery operated curler)
  • Electrical outlet (electric curler)

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