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How to Do a Cat Eye on Round Eyes

On round eyes, you want to create the illusion of length. Cat eye eyeliner (also called winged eyeliner) is a great way to do this! Prepare your eyelids, draw on your eyeliner, and add some finishing touches for a fun, flattering cat eye.


EditFinding the Correct Angle

  1. Apply primer to your eyelid. Dab a tiny bit of eye primer all over your eyelid and massage it in. This will help your eye makeup to go on smooth, and prevent it from smearing. It will also help your eyeliner stand out.[1]
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  2. Hold a makeup brush against the side of your nose. To find the best angle for your wing, start by holding the brush vertically right next to your nose. Then, angle the brush until it points to the end of your eyebrow. This is the line you want your eyeliner wing to follow.[2]

    • Think of the wing as an extension of your lower lash line.
    • Try to make both sides exactly the same.
  3. Choose the best wing length for round eyes. With round eyes, you can feel free to make your wings as long as you want. A longer wing wing will help your eyes to look wider, which is great for round eyes.[3]
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    • Start by making your wing about long. Feel free to extend the line if you want it to be longer.
  4. Draw a tiny dot of eyeliner where you want your wing to land. Once you’ve determined the exact angle and length for your wing, draw a tiny dot with eyeliner to mark this place.[4]

    • You can make this dot with liquid or pencil eyeliner.
  5. Find the highest peak of your eye. Locate the place where your eye reaches its highest point toward your forehead. This is the place where you will begin thickening your eyeliner. It can help to make a tiny dot with eyeliner to mark this spot.[5]

    • Starting at the highest peak will help round eyes look longer.
  6. Mark both eyes before moving on. Be sure to both determine the place where your wing will land and the highest point of both eyes before you begin applying makeup. As you continue to apply your eye makeup, perform each step on both eyes before moving on.[6]
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EditApplying Eyeliner

  1. Apply neutral eyeshadow to your lid. Use an eyeshadow brush to apply beige, light brown, or gold eyeshadow to your eyelid up to the crease. This will help to accent the bold eyeliner without being overpowering.[7]

    • You can also add a bit of eyeshadow around your eyeliner after you draw it on. This helps to set your eyeliner and avoid smudges later.
  2. Draw a thin line along your eyelid. Using black eyeliner, start at the inner edge of your upper eyelid and draw a very thin line along your upper lashes. For now, stop your line where your lashes end.[8]

    • Avoid pulling your skin taut. This can actually make your line uneven.
    • If you want to make your eyes look wider, start the liner a little further from the inner edge of your eye.
    • You can use either liquid or pencil eyeliner. Liquid liner creates strong precise lines, but pencil is a little easier to apply.
  3. Begin widening the line at your highest peak. Return to the place where you marked the highest peak of your eye. Begin thickening the line of eyeliner at this point. Beginning at the highest peak helps round eyes to look longer.[9]

    • The eyeliner should gradually thicken as you approach the winged edge.
    • You can make the outer edge of your eyeliner as thick as you want.
    • Another option is to simply begin your eyeliner at the highest peak.
  4. Draw the bottom edge of your wing. Find the dot you created to mark the point of your wing. Use black eyeliner to to carefully draw a line extending from your upper lash line to the dot you made. You can do this is 1 pass, or make several small passes with your eyeliner.[10]

    • If it turns out a little choppy, you can smooth it out when you fill in the wing.
  5. Connect the top of the triangle and fill it in. Draw a second line of eyeliner from the dot to the middle of your upper lash line. For round eyes, you want to create a sharp triangle, instead of a swoop or curve. Fill in the triangle with eyeliner.[11]

    • If any part of your wing looks choppy or uneven, add a bit more eyeliner to smooth it out.

EditAdding Some Extra Flair

  1. Connect the bottom edge of your wing to your bottom lash line. If you want to heighten the cat eye look, use liquid or pencil eyeliner to fill in the space from your bottom lash line to your wing.[12]

  2. Line the bottom of your eyes with color. Using a small angled brush, add a bit of bright color along the bottom edge of your lower lashes. This can help make the look pop.[13]

  3. Highlight the inner corner of your eyes. Dab a little light-colored eyeshadow on the inner corner of each eye. This adds a dimensional highlight and makes your eyes look bigger.

    • Avoid adding dark liner to the inside corner of your eyes, which can make them look smaller.
  4. Finish with mascara. This look begs for big, dark eyelashes. Apply several coats of black mascara to your upper lashes as a finishing touch. Adding mascara to your bottom lashes is optional.[14]


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