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How to Wear Skinny Jeans with Ankle Boots

Skinny jeans and ankle boots look so good together it’s as if they were made for each other. The way you style your skinny jeans, however, can make or break your overall look. For example, wearing cropped or rolled up jeans looks better with ankle boots than scrunched up jeans. Along with styling your jeans, choosing the best boots for your desired style and the right outfit to match will have you looking effortlessly awesome.


EditStyling Your Jeans

  1. Pair cropped jeans with ankle boots. Cropped jeans are ideal for ankle boots. Choose a pair of cropped jeans that stop about above your boots. You can wear jeans that stop above your boots if you want a little more leg to show. If you don’t show any skin between ankles and boots, your legs will appear shorter.[1]
    Wear Skinny Jeans with Ankle Boots Step 1.jpg
  2. Roll up the cuffs of your skinny jeans. If you bought your jeans cuffed, then great! If not, you can roll up your jeans that are slightly too long. The amount of times you roll up your jeans depends on how long they are and how much skin you want to show between your jeans and boots. You can choose to roll your jeans up only once or go for a double cuff, which is a good option for those who are petite.[2]
    Wear Skinny Jeans with Ankle Boots Step 2.jpg
  3. Tuck your jeans under to make them appear shorter. If you don’t want to tuck your jeans into your boots, it’s also an option to make them appear shorter. This works best if your jeans are only slightly too long. Simply tuck the bottom of your jeans into the inside of your jeans. This look will help you legs appear longer than they really are.[3]
    Wear Skinny Jeans with Ankle Boots Step 3.jpg
  4. Tuck long jeans into your ankle boots. If your jeans are a little long, it’s an option to tuck them into your boots. Tucking your jeans works better if your boots are on the taller side for ankle boots—like boots that rise just above your ankles. Be sure that your jeans look smooth when tucked in rather than scrunched up or wrinkled.[4]
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EditChoosing Ankle Boots

  1. Choose flat ankle boots for comfort and style. Skinny jeans are the best choice of pants to wear with flat ankle boots. You can wear wear flat ankle boots with black pants and a blazer for a comfortable, yet dressy look. Or, you can wear your boots with jeans and a T-shirt for a casual, laidback style.[5]
    Wear Skinny Jeans with Ankle Boots Step 5.jpg
  2. Wear black ankle boots to match a range of outfits. Black leather ankle boots are a great choice if you’re looking for a pair of shoes that will go with almost any outfit. You can pair your black boots with skinny jeans and a T-shirt, or wear them with your leather jacket and black jeans. You can pair your black ankle boots with just about any outfit other than a formal dress.[6]
    Wear Skinny Jeans with Ankle Boots Step 6.jpg
  3. Go for boldly colored boots for a unique flair. A pair of boldly colored boots is all it takes to bring life to your outfit. For example, wear a pair of red boots with an all black outfit for a fun touch of color. Or, go for a yellow dress with purple ankle boots to be completely colorful.[7]
    Wear Skinny Jeans with Ankle Boots Step 7.jpg
    • You can also wear boots with a design or embroidery for a unique touch.
  4. Try buckled or laced boots for an edgy look. Boots are typically secured by zippers, buckles, or laces. For an edgy style, boots secured by buckles or laced up and paired with a leather jacket are all you need to achieve an edgy style. To take it a step further, wear ripped skinny jeans.[8]
    Wear Skinny Jeans with Ankle Boots Step 8.jpg
  5. Wear low socks with your ankle boots. Since a little bit of skin should typically be seen between your pants and boots, wear low socks that don’t show over the tops of your ankle boots. You can wear regular ankle socks, or “no show” socks that are typically worn with flats. [9]
    Wear Skinny Jeans with Ankle Boots Step 9.jpg
    • If you want your socks to show, wear a thin, dark pair of socks.

EditPutting Together an Outfit

  1. Go for a monochromatic look. A monochromatic outfit is great choice for a minimalist look. If your boots are black wear a black shirt, black skinny jeans, and a black jacket. For colored ankle boots, like blue boots, be bold and go for an all blue outfit![10]
    Wear Skinny Jeans with Ankle Boots Step 10.jpg
  2. Choose neutral colors for an everyday look. Neutral tones are great for a laidback, casual look. Choose a pair of beige ankle boots, with light-colored skinny jeans, and a tan or white shirt for a fully neutral look. Add a brown or beige hat as an accessory.[11]
    Wear Skinny Jeans with Ankle Boots Step 11.jpg
  3. Throw on your winter jacket for a cold weather style. Long boots are usually associated with cold weather, but you can rock your ankle boots all year long. Wear jeans that can be tucked into your shoes, or wear thin, dark socks with your ankle boots for warmth. Then, you can wear a fur coat, long pea coat, or puffer coat, depending on your personal taste.[12]
    Wear Skinny Jeans with Ankle Boots Step 12.jpg
  4. Wear your white jeans all year long. Break the rules and wear your white jeans after Labor Day. You can wear white jeans with black boots and a black T-shirt. Or, go for a more neutral look by wearing beige ankle boots, white jeans, a tan T-shirt, and light denim jacket.[13]
    Wear Skinny Jeans with Ankle Boots Step 13.jpg
  5. Try a tank top and jeans in warm weather. A tank top, skinny jeans, and ankle boots is a cute and stylish outfit for warm temperatures. You can go casual with a muscle tank, ripped jeans, and ankle boots. Or, go for a slightly dressier look by wearing a patterned or plain halter top with black jeans and black ankle boots.[14]
    Wear Skinny Jeans with Ankle Boots Step 14.jpg


  • Don’t tuck long jeans into your boots. This look will make your legs appear shorter than they really are.[15]
  • Unless you are wearing bootcut or flared jeans, don’t pull your jeans down over your boots.[16]

EditSources and Citations

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