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How to Ask a Girl to the Movies

Taking a girl to the movies can be a fun and casual way to spend time together, but asking her out can be scary. There’s no need to worry, though. Pick a movie ahead of time and find the right time to ask her, and she just might say yes!


EditAsking Her out in Person

  1. Comb your hair, put on deodorant, and wear a nice outfit. When you’re ready to make your move, make sure you look and smell your best by taking a little extra time when you get dressed. Comb your hair neatly, pick an outfit that’s clean and wrinkle-free, and put on deodorant and a light cologne or perfume. Girls appreciate good hygiene, and looking your best might give you an extra confidence boost.[1]
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  2. Plan to invite other friends if you don’t know the girl very well. If you’re just getting to know each other, the girl might feel more comfortable going to the movies with a group of friends. It can help break the awkward tension that can sometimes exist on one-on-one dates. If she has strict parents, going out as part of a group might make it easier for her to get permission to go with you, too.[2]
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  3. Approach her when she’s not busy or distracted. Make sure you’ll have her full attention by picking a time when she’s not talking to anyone else or busy with schoolwork. If she’s sitting at a table by herself, make eye contact and smile, then ask if you can sit down. If she’s standing in a group talking to other people, join the group and wait for a break in the conversation, then ask her if you can talk to her alone.
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    • If she’s with friends, wait for a break in the conversation, then try saying something like, “Hey, Janie, I wanted to ask you something. Can we go talk over there for just a minute?”
    • It’s okay to ask her out in front of her friends, but if she says no, you might feel embarrassed because there were people watching.
  4. Try not to be too goofy when you ask her out. Cracking jokes can help you calm your nervous energy, especially if you are known for being funny, but she might not take you seriously if you joke around too much. Take a deep breath to calm your nerves, make eye contact with her, and think about what you like about this girl before you ask her out.
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  5. Be straightforward and invite her to the movie you chose. Now is the time to be bold, so ask her to the movies early in the conversation. If you think of this as a date, you should let her know that up front.
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    • Try saying something like, “Are you interested in seeing the new Jurassic World sequel? Some friends and I are thinking of going next Friday. Would you like to be my date?”[3]
    • If she says she doesn’t want to see that movie or she’s already seen it, suggest your second pick. If she says no to that, she may not be interested in dating you.
  6. Accept her answer with a smile no matter what she says. If she says yes, great! Ask for her phone number if you don’t already have it and tell her you’ll text her when you get the tickets. If she turns you down, accept it gracefully. Try saying something like, “No problem, maybe another time.” Even if your feelings are hurt, try not to show it. Just be proud of yourself for putting yourself out there, and try again next time.
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EditTexting Her to Ask Her Out

  1. Get her phone number if you don’t already have it. If you’d be more comfortable asking her out through text, get her phone number. The best way to get her number is to ask her for it yourself, but if one of your friends has it, you can ask if they’ll pass it on to you.
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    • If a friend gave you her number, let her know when you text her the first time so she doesn’t think you’re stalking her. Say something like, “Hey Lilah, this is Jamie. I got your number from Jacob, I hope you don’t mind!”
  2. Ask her out early in the conversation. It’s fine to make a little small talk first, but you don’t want the conversation to turn mundane. Try to get to the point as soon as possible.[4]
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    • Try breaking the ice with a question like “How was your day?” You can chat about her answer, but when that conversation starts to fade, go ahead and tell her what’s on your mind.
  3. Keep it simple when you ask her out. You don’t need to send her three paragraphs detailing everything you like about her. Being straightforward will make you seem more confident. If you’re asking her on a date, make sure it’s clear when you ask her![5]
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    • Try including a compliment when you ask her out. Say something like, “I think you’re really cool. Some friends and I are going to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on Friday. Do you want to be my date?”
  4. Wait for her response. Don’t send her a wall of texts when she hasn’t answered back yet. She might be busy or she might be trying to decide how she wants to answer. Wait patiently for her to respond to your texts before you send any new ones.
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  5. Wrap up the conversation when you get an answer. If she says yes, awesome! Set up your plans and tell her you’ll talk to her later.
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    • If she says no, send her a gracious text that lets her know you respect her answer. Say something like, “No problem, maybe we can hang out another time. Have a great night!”

EditHaving Fun at the Movies

  1. Choose a light-hearted movie. If it’s your first time seeing a movie together, avoid movies with a serious or depressing theme. Pick a comedy or action movie to keep the mood lighthearted. Romantic comedies can be a fun way to have a few laughs while setting a date mood.[6]
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  2. Pick a movie you’ll like, too. Don’t just assume she wants to see a chick flick. Pick something you’ll both like, not just a sappy love story that you picked because you think it’s for girls. You’ll be bored, and if she’s the kind of girl who loves scary movies, she’ll probably be bored too.[7]
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    • If you’re already friends with the girl, just ask her what kind of movies she likes!
  3. Buy the tickets in advance so the movie isn’t sold out. The last thing you want is to get to the movie theater only to find out that there aren’t any seats left. Buy your tickets online or drop by the theater a few hours before the date so you’ll have your tickets ahead of time. This will show her that you cared enough to plan ahead.[8]
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    • You don't always have to pay for everything in a relationship, but a good rule of thumb is that the person who does the asking usually picks up the bill for a date.[9]
  4. Be 5 minutes early whether you’re picking her up or meeting her there. Being late doesn’t make you seem cool or like you have a busy life, it makes you seem inconsiderate. Try showing up about 5 minutes early. This will show her that you’re interested without making you seem overeager.[10]
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  5. Wear something nice but casual. You’ll be sitting in a chair for about 2 hours, and more if you decide to get something to eat after the movie, so choose an outfit that is comfortable but nice-looking. Think along the lines of a nice shirt and jeans or an Oxford shirt and khakis.[11]
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  6. Buy popcorn and drinks if you have extra money. If you can afford it, it’s a nice gesture to offer her a snack and a drink to enjoy during the movie. Ask her what she likes, then get it for her. Keep it simple, though — there’s no need to buy her the entire concession stand.[12]
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  7. Make eye contact during a funny part of the movie. If you notice that you’re both laughing at the same part of the movie, look over and catch her eye. Laughing together can make you both feel closer to each other, and you’ll have something to talk about after the movie is over.[13]
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  8. Put your arm around her or hold her hand if she leans towards you. During the movie, you might notice her leaning towards you. If she does this, it’s probably a sign that she likes you and is enjoying herself. This might be a good time to try putting your arm around her. If that seems a little too bold for you, try brushing your hand against hers. If she doesn’t pull away, try holding her hand.[14]
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EditSources and Citations

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