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How to Do Advanced Computer Yoga

Computer yoga is an easy and enjoyable way to unwind at your desk. When done correctly, it can help your muscles relax and give your mind some time to detox. If you have a desk job or spend a lot of time staring at a screen, advanced computer yoga can help you become happier and achieve a deeper level of relaxation.


EditRelaxing Your Body

  1. Use head tilts to stretch out your neck. When practicing computer yoga, it’s best to start at the head and move down. To do this, move your head in all directions by pushing your neck forwards and backwards and turning it from side to side. Try to make your motions gentle and calculated, not erratic or jerky, and give yourself ample time to complete each one. Every time you move to a new side, stretch your neck out as far as you can and hold it in place for 3 long, deep breaths. Repeat this for 30 seconds to a minute.[1]
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  2. Perform shrugs, rolls, and shifts to relax your shoulders. To stretch out your shoulders, try shrugging them, rolling them back and forth, or shifting them up and down. Do these motions slowly enough that you can feel each time your muscles move. While stretching, pick 2 positions to switch between, such as shoulders up and shoulders down. When you enter the first position, inhale and hold the position for 3 seconds. Then, move to the other position and exhale. Repeat this for up to 1 minute.[2]
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  3. Twist your upper body to loosen your spine. Spinal stretches are particularly good for relieving tension caused by a poor sitting posture. To do them, hold your neck and shoulders firm and keep your lower body still so you can focus entirely on your back. Inhale, then twist your spine to one side. Hold this position for 3 seconds, then return to the center and exhale. Do the same with the other side, then repeat the whole process for between 30 seconds and 1 minute.[3]
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  4. Put your feet down and move them in circles to ground yourself. Place your feet firmly on the ground and concentrate on their connection to the planet. Visualize the earth turning in your mind, then move your feet in a circular motion, mimicking the speed of the rotating planet. Take deep, long breaths from your diaphragm, matching them to the rhythm of the earth. Do this for up to 1 minute.[4]
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  5. Massage your body from head to toe to relax your muscles. For areas with little stress, this can be as simple as touching your body for a physical reminder of your presence on Earth. For areas with a lot of stress, press deep into the skin and rub it with force to remove as much tension as you can. As you massage, focus on releasing negativity from your body. Massage yourself for as long as you feel is necessary.[5]
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    • To release tension from your eyes and face, gently cover the areas with your fingers or palms and move them in a circular motion.

EditFinding Inner Peace

  1. Think of a mantra to better focus yourself. When performing spiritual yoga, reciting a mantra out loud or in your head can help you block out excess thoughts. The most common mantra is “Om,” but any simple, calming word or phrase will work.[6]
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  2. Take deep, full breaths to block out excess thoughts. Place your hands on your stomach and begin to take deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling from your diaphragm. Focus on nothing but your breathing until it starts to feel natural, second nature. This process, known as breathsensing, will help you block out distracting, useless, and obsessive thoughts while forming a deeper relationship with your breathing.[7]
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  3. Visualize yourself as a powerful entity to see your place in the universe. Put your hands together as if you were praying. Imagine yourself as a spiritual being, such as the Buddha, or as a collection of pure energy. Remember that you are connected to something greater, whether that be a deity, supernatural power, or the cosmos. This greater entity is where you come from, what you are a part of, and where your energy lies.[8]
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  4. Send good vibrations to people to help yourself feel more positive. Focus your mind on someone who, as soon as you think of them, elicits a warm, happy feeling within you. Visualize them standing with you and let the idea flood you with positive emotions. In your mind, wish them health, safety, happiness, and relaxation, then stretch your hands out to send light and positivity to them. Repeat this step with:[9]
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    • Yourself, opening your mind up for personal joy and happiness.
    • Someone you barely know, such as a work or school acquaintance.
    • A person you dislike or have passionate disagreements with.
    • The world and everybody in it, no matter who they are.
  5. Ask for guidance as a reminder that you’re not alone. Hold your hands in front of your heart and rub them together. If you are religious, think of a divine being or enlightened master and ask them for guidance. If you are not religious, think of the universe itself or someone you respect deeply, such as a family member or mentor, and ask them to show you the way. Remember that, as you take your next steps in life, you are not taking them alone.[10]
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  6. Stop thinking for 1 minute to find peace. Place your hands on your stomach or legs. Focus on your breathing as it moves to different parts of your body, such as your head, thorax, stomach, legs, and feet. Let yourself be clear of all thoughts except inhaling and exhaling. Be calm as your body, mind, and spirit relax.[11]
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  7. Think of a positive goal to end your session with. For your first few times practicing computer yoga, think about how you intend to make yourself happier in the near future, such as focusing on positive things or simply being content with your life. In later sessions, move your thoughts toward bigger things, such as how you can help other or complete your larger life goals.[12]
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  • Though often associated with belief systems like Buddhism and Hinduism, you can practice computer yoga regardless of your faith.

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