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How to Get Likes on Facebook

This wikiHow teaches you how to start getting likes on your Facebook content, including comments, statuses, and photos. You must have a Facebook account set up before you can start posting.


  1. Post on Facebook often. You don't have to treat Facebook like your personal diary—even just posting once per day is enough to keep your Timeline filled with content. When posting, try to come up with unique, engaging content that makes your friends laugh (or cry, as the case may be).
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    • Try to post during times at which you know that your friends are active.
    • You can see who's currently using Facebook on desktop by looking for green dots next to people's names in the right-hand sidebar.
  2. Add friends. If you only have a couple of friends on Facebook, they might not even see your content without actively visiting your profile page! The more friends you have, the greater the number of people who can see and like your posts.
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    • You should stick to adding people who you know in real life—or, in a pinch, friends of people who you know in real life.
  3. Tag people in your posts. Tagging someone in a post notifies them of the post itself, thereby increasing the chances that they will like it. It will also appear on their Timeline if they choose to allow it, meaning that more people will see the post.
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    • Exercise restraint when tagging—you don't want to overdo it and end up irritating or harassing your friends.
  4. Upload photos and videos. While text-only posts have their place on Facebook, many people respond best to visual media like photos and videos. If you have an interesting item to share (e.g., a photo of an animal or a hike, or a video of the same), consider uploading it.
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    • It may be tempting to upload several photos at once, but try uploading one at a time to start. This will give people a chance to view and like the photo without having to navigate through an entire album.
  5. Like your friends' posts. This is a bit of an investment: when you like a friend's content, they will feel obligated to view (and potentially like) your content in return. Liking friends' content also shows Facebook that you want to see more from them, meaning that you both may see each other's content more often.
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  6. Add witty comments to friends' content. Just like statuses, you can receive likes on your comments. If you're able to drop a funny or thoughtful comment on a friend's status, you're all but guaranteed to get a like or two from them and their friends.
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    • The same goes for responding to friends' comments on your posts. If you respond to a friend, they may like your comment to show that they read and appreciated it.
  7. Interact with your friends. Although Facebook's exact algorithm for who sees your content isn't clear, there appears to be a correlation between people with whom you regularly interact and people who frequently see your posts in their News Feeds. You can increase the chances of friends seeing your content by liking and responding to their comments on your content (or on theirs).
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    • Liking and commenting on other friends' posts will also help your friends see your posts.


  • If you read a friend's comment on your own post or comment and you don't have anything to add to their response, it's considered common courtesy to like the comment.


  • Asking people to like your content is commonly viewed as rude or irritating behavior on Facebook.

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