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How to Make Cards for Valentine's Day

A homemade card can show a little extra love and care on Valentine's Day. Homemade cards can include plays on language, like puns. You can attach small gifts, such as candy, to cards. Go for eye-catching decorations, like ribbon and fabric, to make your cards attractive.


EditPlaying with Language and Puns

  1. Make a tic-tac-toe pattern. Instead of using circles and X's, use circles and hearts on the tic-tack-toe board. Make a line of three hearts running diagonally, horizontally, or vertically on the board. Then, write something like, "You won my heart!"[1]
    Make Cards for Valentine's Day Step 1 Version 4.jpg
    • If you're handwriting isn't great, you can use stencil letters or print out the words and then glue them onto the board.
  2. Use a king or queen card. Take a king or queen card from a deck of cards. Glue it onto the front of a blank card. Then, write, "You're my queen" or "You're my king" on the card.[2]

    • Pick cards that are the right colors for Valentine's Day, such as red or pink cards.
  3. Use a maze. Go online and print out a small maze. For an added Valentine's Day effect, try printing a maze in the shape of a heart. Glue the maze to the front of a blank card. Either on the inside of the card or on the front, write, "You are a-maze-ing."[3]

    • You can add other decorations to the front of the card to make it a little more festive. For example, you could use a stencil or stickers to add heart shapes surrounding the maze.
  4. Stencil a key shape onto your card. Pick up a key stencil at a local craft store or simply trace around your own set of keys. Draw a key shape on the front of the car and color it in in Valentine's Day shades like reds or pinks. Then, write on the card, "You have the key to my heart."[4]

    • As keys may not lie completely flat on paper, it may be easier to use a stencil than your own key.
  5. Stencil on puzzle pieces. Take two connecting puzzle pieces and lie them flat on card side-by-side. Trace around them using a pen or pencil. Color them in in Valentine's Day shades, like pink or red. Write on the cover or inside of the card something like, "We're a perfect fit!"[5]

EditAdding Objects to Cards

  1. Attach candy to cards. Candy is traditionally given out at Valentine's Day. Try arranging pieces of candy, still in the wrappers of course, into shapes or letters on a card. The recipient can then pluck the candy off to eat later.[6]

    • For example, arrange heart-shaped candy into the outline of a heart. Inside the heart, you can write something like, "I Heart You!"
  2. Glue candles on a card. Take a few small birthday candles and glue them onto the front of a blank card. Draw little hearts puffing out of the tops of the candles like flames. Then, write somewhere on the card something like, "You Light Up My Life."[7]

    • Choose candles with a Valentine's Day color.
  3. Add a race car. This is a great idea for young children who play with toy cars. Tape a toy card to the front of a blank card. Then, write something like, "You Make My Heart Race!" inside the card.[8]

    • You can add extra decoration by drawing tire marks jutting out the back of the car.
    • You can also glue or stencil on hearts, cupid bows, or other Valentine's Day shapes around the car.
  4. Glue letter magnets on a card. Take some letter magnets, which you can buy at most craft stores and even some department stores. Glue them on the front of the card to spell out the name or initials of the card's recipient.[9]
    Make Cards for Valentine's Day Step 9 Version 4.jpg
    • Choose colors related to Valentine's Day, like reds or pinks.
    • Add extra decorations, like hearts and cupid bows, surrounding the letters for extra decorations.
  5. Tie tiny toy animals onto cards. These are great for kids who love animals. Print out small, rectangle-shaped pieces of paper. Print out pictures of animals online and glue them onto the paper. Then, punch a hole in the corner of the card. Use a small piece of twine to tie toy animals onto cards. Tie animals onto the cards that have the same animal printed on them. For example, if a card has a lion printed on it, attach a small plastic lion to the card.[10]
    Make Cards for Valentine's Day Step 10 Version 4.jpg
    • You can also write cute phrases on the cards, such as, "I'm Wild For You!"

EditUsing Eye-Catching Decorations

  1. Make a pop-up card. Take a piece of construction paper and fold it in half. Draw a small heart on the fold, so the fold forms a line in the middle of the heart. Then, draw another larger heart around the first one. Cut around each heart, but do not cut them out of the card itself. On the sides of each heart, leave a small space uncut so the hearts stay attached to the card. Take a second piece of paper. Use a glue stick to glue a border around the sides of your first piece of paper. Attach your first piece of paper to your second piece of paper and fold your card in half. When you open it, both hearts should pop out slightly.
    Make Cards for Valentine's Day Step 11 Version 3.jpg
    • For an added touch, use paper decorated with hearts, bows and arrows, and other Valentine's Day patterns.
  2. Paint on a card with watercolor. If you're adept at painting, get some watercolors. Do some free form painting on the front of a blank card. You can paint an abstract arrangement of Valentine's Day colors and then write a message over it when it dries. You can also paint Valentine's Day shapes, like hearts or bows and arrows. When you're done, let the card dry completely before adding any other decorations or words.[11]

  3. Add felt hearts. Pieces of felt can give your Valentine's Day card a fun, fuzzy feel. Pick up some red and pink felt and cut out small heart shapes. Glue them onto the fronts and insides of cards.[12]
    Make Cards for Valentine's Day Step 13 Version 3.jpg
    • A fun idea is to use a needle and thread to run a string through a line of hearts. Then, glue the ends of either string down onto the card and write something like, "You Have My Heart on a String."
  4. Make a jar of hearts. Cut heart shapes out of construction paper in colors like red and pink. Use a stencil to draw a jar shape upside down on the top corner of your card. Then, glue on your heart shapes. Have some of them inside the jar and some spilling out down through the card. Add letters as well, spelling messages like, "Love You."
    Make Cards for Valentine's Day Step 14 Version 3.jpg
  5. Glue ribbon onto your cards. Ribbons can be a nice touch. You can add them as a finishing touch to any of the card designs listed here. For example, tie a ribbon into a bow and stick it at the bottom of a card if you feel it needs a little extra decoration.[13]
    Make Cards for Valentine's Day Step 15 Version 2.jpg
  6. Add a glitter heart. Cut out a heart shape from construction paper. Use a glue stick to glue the full surface of the heart and then sprinkle on some glitter. Once the heart dries, glue it to your card to add some sparkle.[14]

    • Glitter hearts can be used as decoration in the above designs if you feel they look a little bare.

EditSample Valentine's Day Cards



  • Some stores sell a packet with everything you need to make your own Valentine's Day card. They often include red, white & pink paper for the card and stickers as well.

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